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DG Classic Cars producesses Fiat 500 Jolly Replicas. Our examples are authentically created using only the best materials on the market, our coach builders are the best in the business with years of experience.

Individual builds typicaly take between 3-4 months depedning on specifiaction. You can choose your prefered exterior colour, personalise and detail the interior and roof fabric.

We've been providing the hotel, golf, tourist and other industries for many years.


Phase 1

Strip down and body preperation

All bodies are stripped right back. Virtually every panel on the car is replaced with new pieces and the entire shell strengthened. 

Phase 2


We use high quality primer and paint to make these Jolly's really shine. Prior to the order you can can choose your preferred colour, maybe you want to stick to the original period correct Fiat colours or maybe it's to match you companies design, we can do it.

Phase 3


Piece by piece we assemble the Jolly from the chassis up and the car really starts to come to life, pretty impressive to see!

Phase 4


Depending on the donar car the Jolly will come with either a 499c engine (model F) or the slightly larger 650cc engine (model R). All engines are rebuilt.

Phase 5

Mechanical parts

Using the best parts on the market our Jolly's look as good underneath as they do on top.

Phase 6

Interior fittings

Expensive thicker hard wearing rubbering flooring added, original steering wheel restored, original dials and switches replaced. All period correct.

Phase 7


We painstakingly hand craft our own wicker seats, the outcome is simply outstanding.

Phase 8

Chrome work

High grade metal used through out the car and also for the exterior chrome work. Finished to show standard. All parts hand crafted.

Phase 9

Roof structure

The finishing touch to the Jolly is the roof structure, another hand crafted part of the vehicle and finished to the highest of standards.